Bitch, You’re In Prison

Bitch, you’re in prison

and you’re making terrible decisions

can’t keep an eye on the floor

and think you can look past the clouds

the memories of the abusive childhood

the memories of the forgettable neighborhood

they’re all gone now

they’re all gone, as you wake from sleep

they’re all gone as you rise to meet

coworkers and friends

fear had you scared, remorse hemmed in

the tightest crevices of your dark closet heart

but they’re all gone, yet here you are

happily employed, writing making noise

people seeking you out, you’re getting this boy

you’re getting in trouble, boy

watch what you’re watching, they remember

watch what you’re missing, you’ll remember

they’re all gone, now you leave them too

the dark nights are the brightest day, embrace

the darkest days are your clearest nights

dance, dance

because you found a way out

the prison collapsed around you

and the shackles are but twigs in the palms

of hands that dig trenches and wells

plans to escape have come to fruition

but bitches stay in prison

it’s easy being a slave

someone else’s bitch for the rest of your days

someone else’s shit for the rest of your days

the latrines run deep

with the bodies of saints and sinners alike

we work long nights, we think we’re alright

fucking and grinding every last dick that comes our way

saying they’ll buy us, redeem us from our unholy days

and the daze is thick, the cum does shine

on our faces and hands

the sinner’s most divine in his hour of need

but when the foreskin starts to bleed

and the virgin starts to scream

there’s no happiness tonight

no wet dream, just the image of the unseen

seen in our hearts, burned in our souls

stabbing their eyes out to cleanse the holes

lying on piles of the bodies we’ve desecrated

the breasts with nothing between them now

but teardrops mixed with the blood

of children too young to hate

and men too old to forgive

but we’re just whores of the system

we’re the dirty cops of the system

we’re the bitches

still stuck in prison


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