There’s A Time To Be Silent, But Now Is Not

There’s a time to be a free
There’s a time to roam and unleash
Everything you’ve kept inside
King of the underground, my rhymes are arrows
Your heart is the sparrow
Fluttering to Earth
I’ve been shaken since birth
By the question of value and worth
There’s a time to feel like a king
But even kings acknowledge their lack
This king bows down and kisses the dirt
Because he’s sinned
This king knows he’s sacrificed the ring
For a dream, a beam that was choreographed as ever
But we get flustered and confounded, and say
the storm can’t be weathered
There’s a time to be a savior
There’s a time to be a warrior
And then there’s now, a time to cry
Because the darkness doesn’t approach
It’s already here
Because the devil doesn’t ride into the night
He’s already here
Because the angels don’t win every fight
Even the best of us get conquered by fear
I hear you down in Florida today
I hear you in California today
So many cries coming from everywhere
It’s just not fair, I can live to see the night
And others, probably more worthy
Struck by a bullet, a knife
Taken from this incredible life
And a moment of silence
Doesn’t mean you stop working
Because we have to do more, be more
See more, feel love, love more, truth more
Honest more, fight more, believe more
Pray more, lead more, choose more
We’ve just gotta do more
Because there’s a time to rest
There’s a time to relax
But it’s not now

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