Rain Doused Pages

Dripping from the rooftop ledge
Goes the afternoon rains
Police cars circle the block again
Then again
Wave hello to the cashier from the gas station
Then write
Heavy sigh accompanies tired lines
Bored of the agony of these fateful times
Yes, bored
Because it seems I replay the same hour
Every hour
Because I replay the same week
Every day
Because I sleep in the coldest of rooms
Yet my eyes submit to the fray
News sources like FOX, CNN, and NBC
Tear away at every bit of humanity
Shaking blood out the dying for politics
Shaking lungs out the crying for the nonsense
We call presidents and elections
Quick to an erection if he tweets
Humans have lost all sense of direction
And it pains me
To be alive
One single mind can’t comprehend the depth
of one single death
Yet we’re fed each and every day
In passive and forgettable ways
Mentally, I’m unstable
And unable to take in these tears
The raindrops douse my pages
These words show the age
Of someone too young to ignore it

6 thoughts on “Rain Doused Pages

  1. Love this. Very powerful. Very moving. So true… Be thankful you have an outlet in writing and expression, for the news/media… and society for that matter can drive you up the walls and over the edge sometimes (most of the time) Awesome post.

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