Contemplate The Dead

Head tilted back in silent contemplation
Of mental health and this nation
Unhealthy thoughts and a sick determination
Will lead to many early terminations
What’s the worth of 17
There have been more that have been lost
Does that make this one less worthy
Of our compassion and prayers
And what of the defense team
Saying they will use autism as a deflection
Of what he took into his hands
The reduction of lives he did not create
Is not something for us to contemplate
Only in humanity does it seem murders
Have defenses
Only in humanity do I see a decline
Of our senses
Knowing right and wrong, the same song
Drawn out over centuries
Mankind loving and hating, friendly and enemy
It’s catching up to me
Words come up and run over
They don’t know when it’s over
Until now
Stop writing about them, and let it be
The love we have for them
Just cannot be quantified
In the seen

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