Our Boys Aren’t Alright

Home of the fatherless
Roads paved by the wanderers
This country is lost, losing all sense of sense
Splurging dollars but scraping cents
Because the boys have no essence
No authority at home, we walk the lonely
No leadership to follow, we become the lonely
Looking up to boosters, pimps, any homie
Stressed out, doped up, we make you lonely
Bullet in the thigh, bullet to the brain
They all bleed one way
Bullet in your heart, bullet in a hundred hearts
Anything to rip your reality apart
Because ours is in video game violence
And pornographic nonsense
Get killed? Press restart
Getting jacked off? Press restart
Watching dicks ripping open white asses
Fuck one, two, three, four, any moving thing
That wants to get smashed
Losing what makes us men, sitting on our asses
Gaming away, jerking away, every bit of life
Flushed away
Down these roads I see sons go
Kicked out at 18, the world seems so large
Left without a guide, mind becomes its own
Right away the thoughts start to grow
Before you know, you’ve created a monster
For you, four of you, get down on your knees
It’s time to blow
Some weed, some dicks
To the lost it’s all one trick
To the lonely, it only takes a click
And a trigger
Next thing you know, you’re bigger
Than your present, future, and past
You’re mowing down kids just like Trevor
Under a bridge, or speeding on the overpass
GTA helps you find your way
I’ve got this bitch motherfucker
Goodnight fucker, say your prayers
God don’t exist, but this AR-15 does
Bullets raining down, a dozen doves
Falling from the sky in the form of souls
Taken without remorse or regret
The boys of this country are paying forward
Debt incurred by fraudulent bankers, fathers
Who don’t know how to treat an investment
Good men, brave men, rise and grow
Until the world hears the wonders they know
But the troubled rot and riot
Stay up late, believing the lies
They have to buy it
Because there’s no one else
To hear their misery
So it’s left to us
To clean the blood they’ve spilt

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