Lie Down On The Lawn

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They lie down on the lawn
For their brothers
They lie down till the dawn
For their sisters
Just days ago they were classmates
Now they’re fighting for the rights
Of those who lost their lives
They rise up on this ground
For their brothers
They rise up a resounding song
For their sisters
Just days ago they were friends
Now they’re fighting the fiends
The White House only cares about green
The circular arguments circles down the drain
Like the blood of our sons and daughters
Down the hallways or in these streets
Guns flood our homes, murder lives in our hearts
And somehow we wonder why death tears us apart
Till death does us part
I’ll do mine
I put these words down
For my brothers
I put these tears into turbulent sound
For my sisters
We’ll always be here for you
And we won’t ever leave
Until you say you’re ready
You say

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