Haley Against Everyone Else

“You’re weird 😂

That’s what they say to me

does the physiological difference drip from my lips

like blood from Steve Grogan

(He got hit by Dick Butkus)

Ass-kissing dads desert, ala rain in the Sahara

Claim to be a believer

but they’re just another deceive

the back covers of my books are the receivers

of my exhaust fumes

writing all day, writing to find the way

writing to make the kids who eyeballed me go away

until you’ve been the victim

you don’t understand the struggle

until you’ve been the breaking point

you don’t understand my silence

it’s where my demons hide

and I continue to fight them

“But a good weird though”


What’s a good weird?

Like you don’t think I’m a stalker or some backwards shit?

I guess you’re closer than most

to cracking the tip of the iceberg

so I spread the word, these lines get heard

with these words

my freedom lives and dies

because now you see

what I really am on the inside

outside appearance may confuse

and attempts at flirt may not amuse

but I need

this recovery

before I become

the enemy

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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