I’m Really Mad At A lot Of People And This Is What I Found Out


Bawl at this

I can’t listen to them

One tweet makes ‘em trip

But everyone’s blind to what’s really sick

shitholes, we all know

but Lolita Express is how money flows

into certain pockets

feminist, meninist

how about we all insist we get the truth?

and nothing but

gay pride, black pride, I don’t want this

I want humanity to have pride in this life

I want children to stop talking wishes

washing dishes

I want teens to stop banging snitches

pregnant bitches

fill the streets

cocaine, ecstasy, crack, weed

this is our Jesus, this is our Lord

staring into the dark, hope Bush sends a plane

when are we gonna stand for ourselves

stop giving a damn what rappers say

stop giving a damn what pastors say

because they’re both leading

but we all know the path, and it’s the wrong way

green on their neck, gold on the teeth

but they can buy their listeners a real life?

can they make police officers right?

go right ahead and stand

but we’re all on our knees

every time we let a murder go

every time we let a baby go

media’s one great big circle jerk

slapping the public with their fat sacks

and we live our lives, we’re okay with that

deep throating behind the desk

Trump’s putting Obama’s lunacy to rest

where’s this country going

are we okay with being eighty second best?

I’m not

but we don’t run this place

Deep State, big rates

check your dollars, they’re backed with nothing

Democracy, big fake

9/11 wasn’t one day but everyday

since this county was founded

now that people are starting to wake up

they see time’s coming around

and it’s all going down

hurt your feelings, I know it hurt mine

but we’re behind and we gotta redeem

this time, no time to waste

this time, take this energy

zero to ninety-nine

abnormalities in your minds

weapons of mass destruction

superheroes you all are

with eyes to burn, wings to fly

no matter how we’re gonna die

to my fellow humans, I just can’t lie

in the end

it’s you and I

14 thoughts on “I’m Really Mad At A lot Of People And This Is What I Found Out

  1. I agree my friend. A few year back. A black boy was killed in New York. Whole world was concern about the race. I was upset they killed a kid. A kid just outside place and was murdered by a sitting cop. I wrote a poem. Black boy down. I wanted to know. Why they kill a child. It was alive once.”I want humanity to have pride in this life”. I live in Detroit. We don’t ask if black, white or Mexican if someone lost a love one. We hold them and we mourn with them. One world and one people. Hate, bullets and bombs don’t see color of skin, religion or race. I pray for better days. Old Native American wisdom. “Respect the Grandparent. They are the teachers of the child and the child are our future and wealth of a nation. Teach the children well.”

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  2. Facts brother. These are all dilemmas we face by being ignorant. Ignorant of our environment and of our great potential as human beings. Stay focused and inspired! Because these are the conversations that make a difference.

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