Children I Never Had


picks up pencil

begins to fear

the words he writes

the songs they sing

are of turmoil and tire

of breaking and broken hearts

born to live, be judged

and retire

scornful winds blow across the farmland

bright lights capture the imagination

and hatred of the city

gunshots across vast wilderness

terrify the countryman

all is bitter, all is lost

presidents of yesterday

Twitter fiends of tomorrow

and all those in between

we mourn the dead

and the death

of being gone even as you’re born

we mourn the living

and the life

of trudging through the afterbirth

I even mourn those

who walk the plank

risking hell fire for a bit of peace

one day they’ll find it

with so much mourning

eyes gouged of happiness

veins bursting with the tears

as if these strangers were the children

he’d never had

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