10:07 And I Should Be Asleep


and I should be asleep

but I never go there this early

or late, as some might say it

because I’m doing this

not the writing part, the living part

the rare time I can come out my shell

and be my rebellious, crazy self

listening to rock and rap long into the night

poking and prodding and picking fights

with my always ticked-off autistic mind

the punches bring rhymes

the blood brings poems

the scars bring the voice

the words that keep me going

I wouldn’t be me without these late nights

and I couldn’t help you if I wasn’t right

the moon says the sun will be up soon

but this son already has long risen

with each line I stand above my enemy

my enemy-me

enemy’s call themselves me, myself, and I

so I go back under the hood

and tough it out

one more time

5 thoughts on “10:07 And I Should Be Asleep

  1. I love this and have missed reading you. I’ve recently started a (more or less) full time job and that, along with college has sucked up my writing time. I’m in bed by 10.30 instead of 1.30am. I miss late night writing and being in my own world. You don’t realise the privilege until it’s gone. I’m glad you see it 🙂

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