Doctor Flawed Writes My Prescription

It’s not that serious

freaking out over me

I was just being honest

what else could you want me to be

Occasionally random

and randomly occasional

Strangers don’t know how to take it

Fucking frankly, neither do I

I’ve been waiting all my life

for one that’s right

and I’ve wasted countless lives

chasing fading lights

I can’t wait anymore, no more

nothing changed, child

I just don’t know the date

I can’t find my place

I have nowhere to put my soul

that’s safe, okay?

I move on faster than most

because I’m not like most

and that’s not a prideful boast

just an honest recollection

of my obsession with depression

healthy thoughts, yet a troubled mind

people sense something’s not aligned

Doctor Flawed writes me a prescription

of picking minds, asking questions

but I can’t come out and tell the truth

you might think of me the same

you might not

I can’t decide if it’s worth it

and therein lies the purpose

of impression

You don’t sound preachy

you sound confident

something I might not ever be

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