Unwanted Reasoning

The voice sits beside me

giving not an eye to my humble disgrace

I’ve given my future children

to the soles of my shoes

I’ve mustered every excuse

as to why I couldn’t do

My brain needs more

and I need us

so what if I lose a little memory

then a little too much

I cause my own anxiety

and wince in the pain

then I write to the world

and pray I’ll be strong again

when will the cycle end

abuse of the hands, neglect of the soul

forgoing the beauty of the unknown

for a few seconds of trivial pleasure

my immaturity is shown

and my faith is the child’s cord

cut loose and thrown away

it was my lifeline not too long ago

I need it again

but that voice was lost forever

and now to the sinking sea

I must die

in hopes of becoming better

5 thoughts on “Unwanted Reasoning

  1. Geez, never stop writing. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaase!
    Every. Single. Time I read you, I imagine the writer your going to be in 5 years, 10 years….you’re so talented for one so young! You do us bloggers with ASD proud! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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