Defiled Child

defiled child

why do you weep

the ground is wet with the blood

of the family you can never meet

the air is thick with your tears

rising up to the angels

who have long stuffed their ears

the Earth is sick of your ashes

one candelabrum for you

two graven wood boxes for me

and three men hanging disgraced on the cross

for all of hell to see

you’re captured, he’s clean

transferring his demons to your soul

I believe there is somewhere

she can hear you cry

but it’s not today, nor tomorrow

you let that dream die

unborne children fell to the floor

in ront of the throne, yes

now we all see you’re a whore

Jesus wipes the sky clean with your transgression

your life means no more

than a beggar’s cup

or the captive’s spoon

mercy is running low

very low for you

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