Full Pockets But Empty Hearts

full pockets
but empty hearts
souls in the dredges
but naked breasts drowning
in the earnings of husbands
strip the world bare
and see the pain
cover the world in a sheet
and see the virgin blood
cover one eye
and see enough death for a lifetime
cover both and hear
enough tears to make the Nile feel shame
cry me a river
politicians and presidents
commissioners and consumers
but you cannot drown out the siren song
of this dying planet
and the souls chained to her bow
take us to Mars
but can you take back the convictions
wrongful but steadfast
run through my heart an iron mast
and it will keep me from enduring
but that’s what they hope
we forget to hold on
so I do
and the setting sun as my guide
I will until there’s no more

17 thoughts on “Full Pockets But Empty Hearts

          1. Self awareness always brings forth some good writing.
            Unless you learn, like I did today, that I was capable of yelling at a UPS man. Well there is no real enlightenment in that. But awareness of …oh note to self…UPS man gives me a slight rage

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          2. Oh now you’re gonna get me started!!!
            I wouldn’t care about that. I never know what time it is anyway! Still haven’t even changed my clocks!!
            No he piles boxes on my wheelchair ramp so I cannot get out of the house. If it were just one box I could slide it but piled boxes I cannot. Today something in the recycle bin spilled all next to it near the garage. I heard a bang and he had tossed the boxes in the spilled wet stuff next to the garage. Like buddy!!! NOOOO. I have a front door. Just put the boxes next to each other next to the front door. This is not rocket science right!!!!

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          3. NOOOOO!!!! Really?!!! Stolen! That’s awful!!! I called him “dude” then I got another package tossed at my garage. I MEAN COME ON

            Liked by 1 person

          4. It’s SOOO uneventful and SOOO just ugh in a wheelchair. Like i want to be up in his FACE and sitting in a chair with a little blah of a voice just…idk….maybe I need a bat 🙂

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