Shouldn’t Be Here But It’s A Great Place To Go


(Haven’t posted one of these in a while so I thought it would be a good day to change that) 

Midnight moon

With his back turned

To the shadows

Of back door loving

She’s my pink finger

I’ve banged both

On the knob when I can’t see

Only I can see hers

Submissively tilting

Head back

She pulls on me

Drawing me in

Slowly but confident

A fisher of men

She’s been ready for hours

Biting at the bit

My lip

I tug on her

We kiss

One hand around my neck

The other down under

She’s never done this before

Basically choking me

But I love these moments

I don’t turn her away

I can’t

Only breathing her in

I play upon her teenage sins


And broken

She opens to me

With envious ease

Just when I’m ready

She whispers please

A twitch

From her thigh

As it runs away

From me

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