Entangled Orbits


swimming in an eternal sea

spilling out the contents

of a black and blue me

this kid isn’t alright

and frankly never was

head in a closet

hands on a molotov

I was always desperate for pain

the burn made me forget

why I was left aside

the fire was in my eyes

and left on my back

the belt buckle took a toll

I wanted her black, I wanted her broken

because I was

I wanted her filthy, I wanted her ashamed

because I am

entangled orbits don’t care about face

just gravity

and I want to stay here forever

they call out to me

rattling in dripping white dens

fuck it, take me

take me away from everything that matters

and I’m still left alone

because the devil doesn’t want your soul

or your body

with your time

he has both

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