Some Good, Some Bad, Mostly In Between


Hello WordPress. Coming to you in my (very awesome) Fall Out Boy Bomber Jacket (I’m not walking around with this on, it was just for this pic), I’ve been more or less tired as of late. Mentally more than physically.. the days have really started to become blurs. Maybe it’s just the season, just the cold, but it’s a mildly oppressing moshpit of activities. Thanksgiving Week will be weird since Mary’s Gourmet be open Tuesday and Wednesday, which are days I usually spend reading and writing at home or at a park/coffee shop somewhere. Anyway. I’m an aspie holding a customer service job for nine months. Kinda crazy, but it’s humbling and a reminder of how far I’ve come. Customers are always telling me I’m such a wonderful presence, and that I’m always fast of my feet and finding solutions. Heh. Guess I blend in better than I thought I could. Or the gluten free diet is working. I haven’t been exactly GF though. I did order a gluten free pie from one of my favorite vendors at our farmers market for thanksgiving, so #Progress.

Registering for college next year. Now that my dad isn’t around to fuck up, I can actually get the school my tax information. Can’t believe he cost me a year, and way too much embarrassment. Haven’t really done anything school-related, which has allowed me to write a ton. Also, reading. I read Catcher In The Rye over the summer (hated it), but it was nice to have so much free time. It feels good to be writing, but not poetry. Been feeling down lately. Mostly upset with the lack of response from publishers about my book.  Blog views are down. Also having a hard time integrating at my Teen Arts Council. I was there last year but this year I can’t get there on time (work), so I miss about half a meeting. I felt like this year would be better, but I actually feel worse. I just can’t make friends. And none of the girls are interested in me. (Asks someone why). They’re gay. That’s news. I’m not upset, but it does explain the…I dunno how to put it. 

Been published twice in the last couple months on SpillWords….

Here’s my interview with

You Were Meant To Know The Night Writing Prompt

Letting Go for

16 thoughts on “Some Good, Some Bad, Mostly In Between

  1. Love the jacket! Fall Out Boy is an awesome band!
    This year has been one huge bag of SUCK for everyone I know. All we can do is just keep supporting each other and put one foot in front of the other. You really *have* accomplished quite a bit! I feel accomplished if I manage to get a shower some days😕
    Hang in there! Life has taught me that no valley is endless. Eventually things look up again.🌌💫🌟🌈

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  2. Devereaux, you have achieved more than most so give yourself some praise for your achievements. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the blog views, write for yourself and keep sharing. If you continue to put in the hard work your time will come.

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  3. You’ve achieved a lot in this past year; please don’t see it as a write off. I’m sorry I’ve not been on your blog as much. I’m busy with work and college and not getting enough to time to read my favourite blogs. I do love reading you. Keep it up and enjoy college when the time comes. Nice to see your photo, looking cool.

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  4. Hi Devereaux, sorry your feeling low, I think it’s the time of year. Light levels are getting so low. Blog stats can also get you down at times. Sometimes I have to force myself not to take notice of them. Not easy!
    The friend thing is very difficult. There is no easy answer. I get very lonely but I’ve found meeting people online through blogging does help a bit. 🙂

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  5. I really enjoy your writing Devereaux. Also understand feeling down this time of year and not having many friends. However, itt sounds like you have accomplished quite a bit! Hang in there and keep writing! ❤

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