Just An Innocent Man (?)


Witness him

Standing out on the rain soaked street

Thunder greets him with a haughty eye

And the clouds ask God

To give him a handful of five


Just an innocent man

Just an innocent man trying to live

Just an innocent man trying to find happiness

So he straddles the stop sign

Cigarette stained teeth twinkle

Danger close

A shadow approaches

And he slyly sticks out his foot

It’s a woman he tripped

And she’s pretty, to boot

Sudden eagerness for words

And she begins to walk away

But a muscular, blood covered hand

Shoves the butt into her face

Smile, baby girl

And let me see your package

Pressing his malevolent body against hers

He makes little of her garments

She’s barely fifteen

But he doesn’t care

She’s just another body to ravage

Just another body to fill his screen

And cheer his teams

To parade heavyweights

While he gets hung

Lower and lower sinks his pitiable state

Kissing and flirting away

As if they’re samples for your taste

He finishes her off

And pinches her cheek

She has to live, she has to pass

His ugly, detestable path

Without warning for fear of scorn

His thorns have her torn

A new desire is born

To be seen and not heard

And the subtle subjection

Maybe worst of all

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