…So I Chose You


I needed a soul

To write on

I needed a spirit

To give wings to words

Young and restless

But virgin


To make something


Out of rotten



Sticking forks

In walls sockets

Asking to die

Pulling out too soon

Someone to burn

The edges of memory

Watch them blacken and fade

Then disintegrate in my anger

The earth knows my troubled thoughts

And the back of her hand

Knows I have the self esteem

To match

Followed her

Into the room

Turned the lights out

Just to slow the headache

Numb the contusion

I didn’t want her to see

How filthy I was

But I know

She already knew

She was me

Everything I wanted

Nothing I needed

You can stick a rod

In every hole

And watch every video

Until you’re raw at 3 am

But if you don’t have hope

You’re nothing more

Than the sheet you drop on

Or the doorknob that catches

What’s left underneath your fingernails

I needed eyes

To cleanse

Whatever was inside me

And I’ll give you my whole life

To make me half human again

I needed redemption

So I

Chose you

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