These Breaths I Take


somewhere I’m here

sometime you’re gone

on way or another, I fear

tomorrow’s song

pushing me away

I live to fight another day

poisoned are the breaths I take

on the dark side of the moon my true self lays

see, I’m a menace

but that you’ll never see

because I try to keep everyone

thinking of how good I can be

instead of how lost I am

I do care what you think of me

I say I don’t just to seem tough

but if I were

I’d kill myself

and make all the bad memories

go away


10 thoughts on “These Breaths I Take

  1. Hey just making sure everything is okay.. I know for me it was in my darkest that I had to believe not in the circumstances around me but that God was still in control.. I love reading your blog.. Stay Strong..

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  2. I used to think my confusion and feelings were something bad I had to keep hidden. I decided I’d rather be (possibly) perceived as weak than pretend I’m too weak to feel all the feels. It’s far less exhausting to accept myself than pretend for others. It gets easier with practice.

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