Living Just To Die


why do we live

just to die

if life is simply birth, death

and a deep, dark sleep

underneath all that we’ve left behind

why do we try

what inspires us to wake


after day

after week

after month

after year

what inspires us to take all that we have

and throw ourselves into the whirlpool we call life

with little or no regard to fear

what makes us so dignified

that in fighting for those we don’t know

we would lay our heads low

it’s not for a flag, or for skin

but for the breath we all need

to begin

and again

what keeps us happy on Earth

the only planet we’ve known

when there’s a universe to be explored

but we call one, tiny place: home

I can speak little for myself

so hardly for humanity

but this desire to do, not do

and do too much

was placed inside of us

because it makes us human

unlike anyone else

and I wouldn’t have it

any other way


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