Vegas Shooting and Black Issues


jerk off to blood
bullets and brains
shooters in windows
Vegas gone insane
media and politicians scream gun control
but it’s the prescription drugs they take
that tear us from the soul
Sandy Hook
Dylan Roof
go ahead and look at the drugs they took
closed minded liberals
using the dead to push an agenda
why America
why do you let them do that
how long do we keep enabling
the disabled
to render breaths

put my hands to my face
watching the news, seeing the manipulation
from the media of the black race
I don’t call it justice, I call it disgrace

using our struggles to further an agenda
the messages they spew I spit back
I stand on my own two feet, and will never surrender
my skin is more than a token, but the source of pride

back in Africa we were respected men, kings, and priests
so I take offense to the Nazis, racists, and KKK
you are obligated to have your rights
but I’m obligated not to let them get in my way

there’s more to my skin than drugs and crime
there’s more to life than booze and dime
there’s more to women than skinny waists and ass
sometimes rap music makes me want to laugh

degrading our women with derogatory phrases
and yet they’re idolized by people of all ages
Diddy, Dre, Khaled, and the rest I forget
got these boys jacking off but can’t pay rent

cause weed don’t buy good grades
and premarital sex takes a toll everybody gotta pay
don’t wake up till noon and you’ve lost another day
point a gun in my face, I’m going to the right place

our problems aren’t clothed in white
they’re right inside of us, but we can make it right
if we demand better of ourselves
we can ensure that our nation will be made well

6 thoughts on “Vegas Shooting and Black Issues

  1. How long will we as a society remain entrenched in stereotypes? Too many of us live with a ‘fixed brain’ view of the world. It takes bravery and nerve to move away from our static view of the world and explore the value of each person in all their nuances, accentricities and who they are as a unique person.

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