Whisper To Me



songs whisper to me

deep the valley of Mars

aliens strum away in crescent moons

Venus, fall into my arms so soon

traveling on a pathway of darkness

the words give me the light

wanderers we always have been

never alone but never truly at home

nuclear ties that love and lust

more and less we represent the best and worst

that is humanity

Adele calms me

hurting, crying, saying, regretting

she’s like me, far more talented

but just as broken by those who claimed to love

broken, huh

this world forgets how to remember

we suffer the calamity

if the earth is about peace

why is extinction the remedy

deep sigh

I wave goodbye

no, not you, HER

you know who you are

it’s like that sucker punch move in movies

when somebody starts running

and you think they’re coming for you

but then another person with outstretched arms

embraces them instead

it’s funny until it happens

to you

it’s funny until you realize

they always knew

people write their hearts

on your sleeves

but who’s willing to get close enough

to betray

and discover the secret to keeping the lie going

is the truth we never mention to tell

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