Week Two: Chiefs/Eagles Poetic Recap


(This is something I’ve started doing on Facebook at the beginning of the season)

Chiefs Eagles, Week Two
I know a few Eagles fans
Heck, I just got back from work in PA
and I’ve got a sad story for you

titled Chris Jones
always making the backfield
his eternal home

written by Travis Kelce
juking, leaping, and always dancing
better than Gronk? Absolutely
(somewhat tired of his antics)

little chapters dink and dunk at your energy
five yards here, ten there
“that’s all Alex Smith will ever be”
how about putting it in the air

down the field to Tyreek Hill, or Chris Conley
streaking down the sidelines
waving peace or just proud to be
part of ChiefsKingdom, and who wouldn’t want to be?

We’re still undefeated, but go ahead and hate
our shovel passes you can’t emulate
fall for the jet sweep and we’ll beat you deep
let you hang, then snatch victory in front of your face


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