Reflections Of My Heart


pouring for hours

it just won’t stop

but as the rain collects on the ground

I see reflections of my heart


the grease and dirt

washed away today

are my bad dreams, unforgettable hurt

only to return tomorrow


the puddles of mud

taking long time to dissapear

are the scars from everything

I wish I had never done


torrents of waste

trying to flow into tiny gutters

are the thoughts I once had

desperate to empty them in worthless days


the drowning insects

are the lives I’ve taken

without care, without denial

but not without regret


but finally, I see the work of the rain

clearing the filth away

this is me, redeeming my time

so I too might see the light one day

8 thoughts on “Reflections Of My Heart

  1. I’m going to stop telling you when I reblog your works at this point. That is just too much typing for my poor finger tips. Once again, you’ve created something so beautiful. This is just so stunning.

    Liked by 1 person

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