Who We Are versus Who We Can Be


trembling before an almighty wave

loss of life shakes souls

to the core

the story of defeat and disaster

will fall upon the pages of lore

I see before me the crushing roar

of despotic and disillusioned decadence

the masses are awash in it

for to them ignorance is bliss

they would rather be loud

than be wrong

they would rather be murderers

in the throng

than crucified for standing out


puppet strings from the left

cast a shadow on the right

the lines of civility and treason are crossed

we are forced to castrate our truth

and speak only the lies the deceivers

tell us to write

it is not about Trump

or Clinton

it is about the freedoms written

before either were given

the breaths they partake

it is about the Patriots

who stormed city and state

to raise their own flag

and that is what we celebrate

Hillary seeks approval

from minorities to further an agenda

of government intervention in life


and birth

whereas Donald is concerned

with putting America first

top that

who can rival with unbridled passion

for a fellow countryman?

who can fathom the passion of brotherhood

deciding an election?

for America chose right

in choosing their next leader

it chose itself

(Despite being pro-Trump throughout the campaign, I have to surprise everyone with the reality that I too don’t believe he was the right man. That was  Ted Cruz. But the Republicans dragged their feet, like they do about everything that maters, and we wound up with an idiot leading this country. Anyway, regardless of who’s leading us, I need to remind my fellow Americans that this country was great long before him, and will be after him…as long as we remember who we are. Don’t fight for what you believe to be right, fight for what is right. This country was founded upon disagreement and dissension, so don’t resent those that seem to take that approach. Respect other’s opinions. Trump didn’t make this country terrible, he won’t make it extraordinary. That is up to us, the people. If we want a great country, we must want to do great things. We must want more than what’s been offered, and we must be willing to die for it. Our fathers did, and we are here because they did.) 

8 thoughts on “Who We Are versus Who We Can Be

  1. You are very right. Its a shame to see all these people reverting back to times we were working hard to get out. Just recently, I had shared some photos someone else had taken on Facebook of all the vandalism happening to our historical statues and the explanation of how this person felt was its terrible to see people doing this. These are things in our history that show us where we were and how far we have come. Unfortunately, I had a white supremacist on my friends list respond with the opposite reaction. It took so much effort in me not to reply and avoid starting a political war. But everything you have said is very much something I agree with. If only the media would stop getting involved and lesson this narrow-mindedness of the people who watch

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