Tried And True (never applied to you)


methods tried and true
have never applied to you
walking around like
you’re one of them
but you knew that I can’t
follow through
the lies creep through terminally
like a cancer they subjugate
subliminally they deceive
convince you of the king
you were never meant to be
promise riches, money, and fame
girls, boys, girls, whatever you enjoy
just for a piece of your name
people seem kind on the outside
but inside they’re coy
and shiftless
hoping to overwhelm with thanks
supposed acts of kindness
part of polite society
just to catch you witless
in face of the pressure
I’ve taken their measurements
and watched the concoction
blow up in their face
because no matter where I work
or where I live
I have no place
you can’t confine me off race
or the lines of misery on my face
on and on
they try to box us in
say they’re aware
while they grin
at the kid who won’t listen
to the shit
that he’ll never amount to anything
he’s got his wit, he just doesn’t know it
teach these kids to embrace it
own it
I can’t make it go away
the pain endures
until we stop breathing
but stop heaving
you courageous archer
not of this earth
whatever they call it
when you enter into life
from birth remember
this is not a curse
no disgrace
but to ignore it is a waste
you only get one chance
so take what’s yours
step up to your place
I’m watching you
I love you
and I’ll be here
till we get it right



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