Midnight Highs In An Unknown Alley


sitting in the middle of an alley
I’m below whatever’s in the valley
heart sliding, soul slipping down a slope
it’s hard to breathe when failures have you
pants down, neck choked
just got paid but my soul is broke
nobody hears these cries
another verse, another song
the road just keeps winding
poorly remembered faces
cloud my memory like a devilish throng
tossing my spirit like a romaine lettuce
Boy, they’ve got the wrong tongs
and they’re dressing me wrong
booby traps line the path into the night long
mine is Kelsi Monroe
I know it’s wrong but I can’t say no
I trust myself for a night
as far as I can throw
when the world is calling blitz
roving defenders in the box
I melt faster than snow
resting on a Tucson home
my hands roam
wherever you let them
be it good, be it sin
I can’t say no, I let you in
do what you please, don’t mind me
and as I’m dying today
I think I finally see
I’ve made a mess of me
about to die a death eternally
I think I’m not free
I am free
I think I’m free
I’m not free
the waters I’ve always hated
the eternal sea
are the only thing
that can save me






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