The Beast Inside


when backed into a corner
dreams and flings
pushed aside
tabletops overturned
the whole room watches you now
crowbars and crustaceans
you picked an amazing crowd
nothing matters as much as how
they beat you, played you
now it’s time for you to come out
louder than ever
shining bright to last forever
shocking them to suddenly
the aches and pains
nobody ever cared to say
or stay
we left you alone
till you were ready
almost twenty now
but it always seemed a lie
when they thought you couldn’t hear
you’d be counting the time
counting time the teacher says
just when will it be over
can you go to bed
the kids make fun
strangers treat you as dumb
all along you’re supposed to be fine
but deep down
real numb
mommy, I’m hurting
she says
but there’s no doctor for us
so she continued
to be bled
by scalpels and scissors unknown
to all
but the voiceless muse
that’s controlling me



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