Dear Her (and the names are endless possibility)



Dear her
(and the names are endless possibility)
I’m sorry
I’m so
so sorry
for being a sick bastard
appearing clumsy
and dropping things in front of you
just so you’d pick them up
and I’d get a glance
at boobs
shy glances
mixed with dirty thoughts
two parts greed
one part jealousy
in a six inch tube
gives you a complete mess
even Clorox failed
to remove the stains
I’m sorry I wanted you for that
that alone
I didn’t know what I was doing
(I did)
I didn’t know what was happening
(I did)
I just wanted to talk
and I thought that was the best way to
cunning youth
lip locked with honest desire
I can tell you I’ve changed
keep a calendar, though
you’d always know
I’m just as quick to change my mind
as the leaves blow
with a sudden breeze



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