Pretending To Pretend To Care What You Think


I haven’t written about aspergers
in a few
maybe I’m tired
of saying it
writing it
reading about it
pretending to pretend
I care what people think about it
and me
I tear labels off
and cast in the trash
just like in reality
they’re made of plastic
never to truly last
I don’t need to write it
for you to know I have it
and don’t tell me
I’m a warrior
something special
or wonderful
I cheat on myself everyday
and inflict deep wounds
far wider than anything
ever pictured on the moon
I’m a terrible
terribly shy
yet no longer friendless
poetically inspired
and forever addicted
someone who can’t say hi
but has followers
in the thousands
depressed at times
beyond measure
yet able to wake
from the crushing pressure
of the sea
just in time to make you think
I’m one of you
what a catch



9 thoughts on “Pretending To Pretend To Care What You Think

  1. Writing about this topic, I can see that you’d need be careful not to let that word “Aspergers” define you, identify you, restrict you. Your voice is of great value, but you are more than this. As you say. No need to feel the slightest guilt for those human feelings.

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