Sunny Days Brought Her No Joy


Sunny days brought her no joy
no content
no peace
siblings poked fun
while parents attempts
to caress a once sweet
now rotting soul
were never manifested
in the sudden appearance
of crimson spots
on bright pink sheets
the shrugging of shoulders
at the suggestion of help
masked the stench of death
she was dying, fast
demons sought housing
in the complexes of angels
themselves afraid of the slope
she was cascading down
a runaway train
painted in fine glory
yet lacking command
by anyone
or anything
so the ceiling fan was broken
Dad will replace it
but why
couldn’t give her a dime
was giving a child
lit firecrackers
she wanted to go
they were calling her home
and they pulled
with gale force winds
caught in a storm of belief
twisted romance
and a thirst for cleansing
there was only one thing
she ever wanted to do
standing in front
of a bedroom mirror
she put her hand
on her heart
with a smile
rarely seen since youth
she cut it loose
life gushing
life crying out
as the scent
carried around the room
a stitch away from making it
fate served up
medical malpractice
and I don’t even know why
I wrote this down



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