Tears Mixed With Acid Will Keep Me From Seeing The Sin


Serious bumping
underneath my chin
with a busted electric razor to boot
it feels weird
and worse than it looks
I should’ve washed it out
the song I’m listening to
describes my usual mood
near perfectly
I Don’t Care
call it nonchalant
call it asshole
hell, call it stupid
whatever adjective you’d like
is fine with me
just got off work
it’s payweek once again
can’t believe I’ve been here
three months already
didn’t expect to last
three minutes
mercy upon me
and more upon those
of Orlando
Middle East
I hate where this country is going
and not because of the man in charge
but the ignorance of many
overwhelming the silence
of the few
so I let the waters rush over me
then hotter
maybe the tears mixed with acid
will keep me from seeing
the sin


20 thoughts on “Tears Mixed With Acid Will Keep Me From Seeing The Sin

  1. Very interesting glimpse into your thoughts. πŸ˜€ I am so proud of you. Congrats on three months! And, I very much agree about the ignorance of many in this country. Grieves my heart. All I know to do is pray I can live as best as I know how in the midst of it.


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