June Falls (Leaves Me With Mixed Emotions)


With every breath
I throw a blanket over
the lightning within
star crossed hearts with words I’ve written
hedonistic but honest
as I throw back
scattered memories
a garden of sound
with rose gold flashes
reminds me of what I could have had
the madness inside her
midnight moonstone
shining through the golden black night
tears clear as a butterfly chrysalism
purple reigns over her eyelashes
and I hand her tissue paper
the city colors our life
while sinners love bombed our sanity
by heartbeats and honeysuckle
we loved till the morning light
in empty rooms
we spilled our contents shameless
until our nostrils just peaked
from a sea of dreams
our bodies were an explosion
of light
dovetails and daydreams
we fluttered on the magic of nearness
to one another
kilig transferred through electric connection
harmonic transmission of fantasy
inserted into every fiber of being
black pearls
and rainbow tears
rested on your neck
and my eyes
making two souls into one
and not even death can separate us
unleash the beast inside this bottle
to destroy your platinum crown
bring you down
and lift you back up
a seed on the winds of choice
we are slaves to the music
the shadow kissed
so we dance to the darkness
until we break the ties that bind
Sarah, won’t you smile
and bring us together



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