You’re Nothing But A Line In A Poem


Eighteen years have nearly gone by
and nothing’s really changed
just random faces in and out my life
but I can’t get anyone to stay
not for long
sure, I can hold on for a few days
maybe a month if I’m lucky
but who’s to fill a hole
that’s become my fundamental flaw
the moon is my guide
and I follow in its lies
pretending to be a safe sanctuary of progress
when it’s really all lies
boil my heart down
eat my brains raw
I’m too new at this game
no agent is ever going to call
but I can pretend, says the devil
that strokes my hair
and kisses my neck in the morning
waking me up to new possibilities
new windows
why do I lie
why do you believe me
you’re nothing but a line in a poem
and I’m just a figment
in my imagination of us
madly dashing out the house
comets shooting through the sky
blue and purple, they calm me down
but I wish I had your hand to hold tonight
and make the bad memories go away


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