One More Night


One more night

one more time

I don’t know what to tell you

so let me put it in a rhyme

even as a poet

there are days when I don’t know what to say

the well runs dry, clouds hasten in forgetting to rain

and my mouth hardens and cracks like clay

some nights she won’t even look my way

so I take my pillow sulking

and on the couch I lay

there are some days I write little

but never not at all

writing is my breath, my air

and without it I will surely fall

I don’t know I lived

before I began writing

maybe that’s why I wasn’t

fighting everyone I came across

because I didn’t know what to do

with the anger pent up in my head

now I love my life

and can finally talk to you

well, let’s save that for another time

I’m still a terrible conversationalist

so one more night, one more time

I hope you enjoyed my rhyme


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