Dawn leads

to a shiver

and a fright

here comes the morning light

the demons are bold and brave

sexless and reckless

and they come out in the light

everyone expects them

to torment souls at night

but isn’t it more fun

to come out during the day

and seem like the angel

you dreamed would save your life?

Demons don’t want to kill

they have no interest in murder

then how could they ever

torture you further?

Longevity is the key

to getting their desire

they are the cool rain in your fire

and the summer sun in your cold

they become one with you

nearly love you

and you fall in love with them

die with them when you’re old

I don’t resent demons

I resent angels

the ones that make everything good

the ones that are always telling you

everything will be okay

demons keep life real

keep the world honest

telling you no matter how much you know

you never, ever got it

demons are bred from honesty

because if they told you life was bad

wouldn’t that defeat their purpose

demons need angels

to make everything seem good

so you lose sight of reality

and that’s where demons come in

and usurp through practicality

when you realize life isn’t what it should be

How do I know so much?

Maybe you’re talking to one


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