Midnight Loving


GREAT NEWS: My poem, Pleadings Against The Preposterous, has been nominated for the Spillwords Publication of the Month. It would be amazing if my piece was selected, so go here to vote



Midnight kissing

blinds us from seeing the door

pushing you backwards in the shadows

of blinds left half open

onto a desk

pictures of graduation ceremonies shattered

now shut up and breathe


now harder, faster

I shatter every once of fantasy

graduating from hand holding

I’ve stolen third base

lip locked loving

has your heart at any speed

but idle

first the camisole,

then whatever is underneath

I don’t care about clothing

let me stoop down and bite you

then lower

with two fingers

on the inside of a tiny muff

you lower your head, hands on mine

I’ve just thrown you the hottest curve ball

but instead of walking off in disgust

you beg for more


you dirty whore

crying for inches to arouse a watery paradise

I hate to hold my head under water

but I’ll drown for you

in you

turning over to reveal

a bottom so wide

it would make Bear Bryant blush

susceptible to the draw

let me draw myself inside

and burst a gaping hole

into an open field

I can only feel my way through

blindly punishing

I hammer for minutes on end

then I release

energy concealed in consent

white light of my body

in your mouth

do I clense




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