What You Could Be To Me

Sitting on the edge

of a busy road

humidity climbed out the back window

a girlfriend uninvited by parents

unfortunately temporary

rain makes the sky clear

and a calming breeze

wraps around the essence

of chocolate donuts and espresso

I picked up from work

thankful for my coworkers


and wonderful customers

they make my job ever more enjoyable

and while they don’t know who I am

(maybe they do)

(that’s okay too)

I’m grateful they care regardless

as dark as I’ve felt

as troubled my thoughts are

as alone I feel I am

and as behind I feel to be

some people make it worthwhile

there are people I’ll get up early for

pretend to be open and happy for

smile for

extend a hand for

and if I close enough to you

care for

there’s very few people

I feel this way for

but they’re one of them

and you might be




25 thoughts on “What You Could Be To Me

          1. Oh. Another one of *those*. Bummer. πŸ˜’ Well, I will try and catch it at least once to stay informed about what they’re saying about autism.

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  1. I think there’s something to be said for learning how to be alone, not predicating your life on a significant other or friends or constant social occasions. But I think those things are important too if you can do them. It’s just good to learn not to depend on them. Cos they can be taken away too easily. So in many ways, you’re ahead of the curve. And if going through the motions is the best you can do, then it’s still better than nothing. I do it all the time. Just to keep my hand in. For when things get better.

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