I’m Sorry You Birthed An Autistic


I’ve been called a lot of names during my years

jerk offs with egg heads for avatars

who never knew my wishes or fears

they didn’t care what I needed, or how I felt

just about the life they had been so unfortunately dealt

I’m so sorry you birthed an autistic

this isn’t the dream you wanted

but the drugs your partner did years ago

now have you haunted

I’m so sorry you have to live with an autistic

it makes you look bad, I’m sure

hand flapping and foot stomping certainly detracts

from your fake bravado and made-up demure

I’m so sorry you have to be seen with an autistic

you don’t look so cool now

when the person beside you covers his ears

at loud sounds

I’ve spent years feeling sorry

for people who care nothing about who I am

just a cute word they can use to impress friends

when chance shakes hands with a plan

just something to make dad feel ashamed about

for not noticing earlier, even though you yourself

no nothing about

my condition is a roadblock in your normal lifestyle

and you’ve cussed me out for planning things out

which, surprise

takes me a little longer while

but it’s okay, don’t worry you

I just keep it all inside

you say you had a hard day

if only you knew

invisible mountains mount heavy costs

until the heart struggles to beat

and the spirit finally declares she’s lost

slowly soul husband carries lifeless vessel

to rowboat tied to a dock

and under his arms he nestles her bosoms

and cries long into the night

the mermaids are bitter, hearing a song

more melancholy than theirs

and fish swim upside down in sadness

while the octopus is surprised

at the depths the chorus finds him there

when strength is breached

and the bridge does sleep

on ears run aground

only then does the struggle of a poet

become exponentially profound




25 thoughts on “I’m Sorry You Birthed An Autistic

  1. Greatly written. I think it is they that should be sorry for having treated you that way. It is they that should be sorry for not seeing the great in you. It is they that should learn a thing or two about what it means to understand, accept, appreciate and respect. For those who want to read our view on Autism acceptance, please read our free chapter about that, that we just uploaded at http://www.aspectrumoflight.com
    Thank You. David

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  2. Wow. Beautiful and heartwrenching. I feel the pain. I’ve *lived* that pain. I agree. Keep writing it out. One of the better solaces I’ve found.

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  3. You’re words are so strong and powerful. I hate that anyone has to feel this way because of their parents. I don’t have autism, but I do have mental illness and understand how it feels to be hurt by my parents. I wish I had something magical to tell you so I’ll just send you a bit of ❀ Keep writing it out!

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          1. I like reading you because you resonate stuff inside me I’ve kept buried for years, kid. πŸ™‚

            “Kid” is term of endearment. πŸ™‚

            So, thanks. I may not always comment, but, I feel your words. Trust. ❀️

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