Autism Awareness Month Post Eighteen: What is Aspergers To Me?



what is it to me?

A cancer

that only I can see?

A poison

drunk by the unborn soul at birth?

A dent, a scratch

that devalued my worth?

A bolt from a complete machine

that keeps me doomed

from reaching your sweet?

A scarlet mark on my chest

to serve as a marker

for scorn from the rest?

A road to suicide

because one spirit

cannot see a way out this mess?

I see it as all

and none

because I look not at what I was

but what I’ve become

I’m not what I’ve done

I’ve what I’ve overcome

A unique condition that challenges others

to accept what we give out sporadically

but challenges the autistic further

by forcing him or her

to accept what they are daily

See, others can chose to live us with us or not

but we must live with ourselves day after day

you can put on any mask and don any cape

try as we may, there is no other way

real autism doesn’t ask for money

because all the riches in the world

couldn’t buy us an once of normality

real autism only asks for your ears

that you listen to our wishes and fears

what we love and what we hate

why a pattern we are quick to replicate

and in time our words imprint on you something no

Benjamin could ever replace



7 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month Post Eighteen: What is Aspergers To Me?

  1. So heartfelt, Devereaux, and beautifully expressed. I wonder if you realize what a difference you are making in how people perceive and understand autism. Every time you write you send out small ripples into the world that have the potential to change lives. ❤

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  2. On recommendation from a friend I just ordered ‘NeuroTribes,’ by Steve Silberman. The focus is on recognizing neuro-diversity as a reality. The review looks pretty good. I’ll see when I get the book.
    There is no end to the need to create awareness among neuro-typical folk that there is a whole other world out there that needs to be understood much better and seen as a positive contributor to society.
    Keep writing – keep helping us understand one more element with each reminder.

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