Autism Awareness Month Post Fourteen: I Joined A (very meh) Aspergers Dating Site


Hey everyone, I’m back!

Over the last couple days, encouraged by talking with Beth from A Mile In My Shoes, I decided to join an Aspergers dating site. I’m a terrible match for all the neurotypical females I know (and if you disagree, chances are you’ve never met me),  so I figured why not try my hand at females like me.

I joined, and was actually quite excited, until I found out how few people are actually on the site. Just 803 right now (800 when I joined), and I’ve yet to see a female online. The most active members are all male. Safe to say, I’m disappointed so far. I hoped this would be my answer, but so far it looks to be another waste of time.

*heavy sigh*

Worse yet, I searched for females and got a very shocking number: 152. And the females in my age range? Too few to name. And worse yet, their accounts haven’t even been touched. This website, as I’m seeing, is not very popular, and the websites that actually have a real pool of people require you to be 18 to join. I guess I’ll have to wait a couple months before I get serious…*another heavy sigh*

To better my chances, I’ll look at some other sites…which brings up another thing, there aren’t a whole lot. I mean, I could join a regular dating site, but then that’s just like what I’m doing now in my daily life, only worse because it’s behind a computer screen.

In the meantime, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. Nothing, basically, because it’s going to be nearly impossible to find anyone because I’m too reserved for my own good. And the ones I do actually like don’t live anywhere close to me. *another heavy sigh*

Good news from this week? I take the GED tomorrow and I’m getting published again on Spill Words.





11 thoughts on “Autism Awareness Month Post Fourteen: I Joined A (very meh) Aspergers Dating Site

  1. Oh that’s disappointing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I can see your reluctance to join a regular dating site and to be honest I’ve heard lots of horror stories and think you’d need a coat of armour for them. Don’t give up.

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      1. Well maybe just chatting to your online ‘friend’ will be iteresting. My flat mate was friendly with a guy and we met him in the pub one night. His flatmate, my future husband, was the Manager there. I can talk to anyone though, especially when there’s alcohol. I was my husbands first real girlfriend and he was 23.

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  2. The right one is out there somewhere. Really hoping the best for you. Congratulations on Spillwords and good luck on the GED. Keep focusing on the good things! 🙂

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