Walking Against The Traffic: My Life On The Spectrum


The lights are everywhere

and they bother me

too many, too sudden

and glaring bright, they make it hard to see

the cars speed past, kicking up dust

along the way

they stare at me in silence

but I have nothing to say

they eat into my soul

these people I don’t know

and I know it’s because

I walk against the traffic flow

I walk against

the expectations

and in defiance I heighten

their aggervation

I am silent when others are loud

and loud when they will not speak

because I will tell you what I believe

but not when you expect me to come around

I speak out for my fellow autistics

but you won’t see me on a march

because that is just one day

and we are handicapped for life

so in my words, I leave these messages

hoping you will see the light

and treat us right

and while the windows of your souls

reflect our ugliness, our loneliness

I believe that less

can be more

when you are silent, and step back

you see the whole

of what you’re here for

sophomoric insults

and childish laughter

goes for naught

as I make the most of these days

and against the flow of traffic

I will continued to walk


16 thoughts on “Walking Against The Traffic: My Life On The Spectrum

  1. Amazing words, my friend!! I totally love this. I can totally relate, too 😊 Thank you for your fantastic description. I often feel that that’s exactly what my life is like, too ❤️
    High-fives to you! 🖐🏽
    ~The Silent Wave/Laina 🌟🌟

    Liked by 1 person

  2. To move in the flow you are carried along, possible blinded by the ease, then monotony..
    To walk against the flow requires courage, vision,
    Whether it is your decision or not.. walk your path, be a lion not a sheep!

    Liked by 1 person

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