Dial Tones Of A Car Crashed Heart

www. magic 4 walls. (with com (in love with a ghost

Silent calls

from a treeless hill

on a wind-less night

echo through the deep valleys

and careen down the mountain sides

the voice is weak

repelled by opposing sound waves

and the strength of one’s beliefs

but the heartbeat is strong

fighting both sun and moon

to reach the nest of its destined lover

a voice has an end

but the heart will descend

to below the Marina trench

and higher than any comet

to join two in love

you cannot stop it

Tonight, unlike most nights

I’m really listening

if I could hear

for mere moments

then this heart

could be made unbroken

by the wings of my fellow soul

my lover

she’s out there

there’s too many for there not to be

maybe she’s writing too

or coming through

on the dial tone

of this car crashed heart


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