Writing My Soul On Your Body


Caress her

with simile

lick her

with metaphor

Make her divorce her husband

Will you love my every word, you dirty whore?

Undress her mind

and trace her curvaceous soul

she’s becoming harder

with every hot breath

upon her beating bosoms

take her from behind

with sudden and seductive guile

and make it personal

make it yours

so she’ll cherish the very thought

for a long, long while

Turn her around

and riddle her expectations

Pick her up, twist them into knots

make her adore your every creation

let your words lay on top of her

or under her, wherever she decides

pound her with poignancy

let her ride

until dawn and dusk

and if she desires more

tell her this much

Whatever your heart desires

I will do until this hand retires

she is your reader, she is your lover

and she makes new worlds

able to be discovered

(Guess what? This isn’t even about sex. Bet I surprised you)



22 thoughts on “Writing My Soul On Your Body

  1. You paint the most freaking amazing pictures with your words alone 😘❤️
    Aspie-friendly hugs and/or high-fives, whichever you prefer!
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer/Laina 🌟🌟

    Liked by 1 person

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