I Tried Making A Sandcastle In The Winter




the snow is falling down

each flake, different from the rest

each flake is a peace offering from heaven

its very best

The white dust

tops the road

like icing on a cake

and with a cool kiss

it freezes windows, rivers, and lakes

The trees accept it all

with greedy, outstretched arms

they steal it out the air

a little like Marcus Peters

coming out of nowhere

and the ground is grateful

the grasses bless the stars

they hate to be buried for too long

Never mind bury

that word gets me teary

thinking about my newlywed, Evie

It’s been four years

since she was given angel wings

but it still hurts

it still makes me sing out

in church, at the grocery store, and in the shower

why she had to leave me

in the morning hour

so suddenly, in the blink of an eye

without a glimpse to say goodbye

She saw the child

and the car, going a hundred a mile

and without hesitance

saving him

was her mind and actions president

The child, thrown onto the sidewalk

nothing more than a bruise

but for Evie

her bloody lips became my muse

choking with catatonic lungs

gripping my wrists with pale hands

and then departing to forefather’s lands

Every winter since, I think of her

she left in conditions like this

every winter, I think of her

and have no one to share it with

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