Fate Is For Closers, Kissing For Winners


The drummer starts to bang

and the guitarist begins a heavy strum

The lead vocalist

guiding his band in perfect time

he knows what is to come

Black suits and white dresses

approach under sweeping moonlight

Hands reach out

and faces trade smiles, some bright

some small, but appreciative of all

for the next four minutes

time doesn’t exist

spin around your problems

twirl your fears out the door

and kiss the poisoned bottle

they couldn’t get you to sip

I ask her first

she asks my last

We ask how old

and we both laugh

I say she’s too short

she says I’m too tall

We agree we’re too shy

but glad we stopped by

She’s too white

to be with someone

so black

but we don’t care about that

Passion knows no race

and the heart doesn’t see color

it sees wings beating

desperate to hold another

Get close to her, feel her hands

and hips follow your every heartbeat

She trusts you

she loves you

and she’ll never believe anything else again

I never believed

this could ever happen

our meeting

really quite random

but as the violin

concludes the scene

her hands sliding from mine

wake me from this fever dream

Fate is for closers

Kissing, for winners


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