Hey Coma, You’re Breaking My Heart


 Where are you now

dear friend, dear friend

I’ve searched everywhere

but you’ve chosen to hide your face

I close my eyes and say

come home, come home

why do you refuse me

Do you not remember

the times we had

Did my love, my ways

not make you glad

Of all the people on Earth

there’s none I’d rather see than you

and of all the ways to spend this life

I’d only want it to be with you

The sun warms me

and the moon guides my night

but you’re not here, so incomplete

is my life

The stars cross the arch of space

while comets and space rocks race

but standing still is me

without you by my side

Maybe I’m trying to make possible

what fate has deemed unworthy

what if this is nothing

but a futile way to give my life meaning

please tell me

before I do what cannot be undone


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