Depression Is More Than A Note And A Knife


Tear soaked ground

you have nothing left to give

crying yourself to sleep

as hearts wallow in the deep

still souls slumber

without life, without happiness

they lose their thunder

Nobody to wake them up

nobody to hold them tight

nobody to carry them

through seemingly endless night

The sun comes out

and their spirits go in

shiny wings become laden

with fungus and mold

and they’re left unused

till they get old

How can you let a light

burn out

easily, just take away

light and insert doubt


and false perceptions

that lead to misdirection

actions spring forth

from a bounty of wrong selections

and the mind is convinced

it can do no right

burn, burn, burn

burn, burn, burn

They don’t know they’re beautiful

if you never tell them so

they don’t know they’re beautiful

so tell them so

What are you waiting for

they’re calling out your name

they’re dying out there

won’t you save some today

All a chasm wants

is a lamp and a hand

to hold it steady

All a headstone needs

is a pen and a blade

and it’s ready



14 thoughts on “Depression Is More Than A Note And A Knife

  1. Such a difficult subject, and one that remains so heavy on the hearts of many. Your thoughts run deep Devereaux, and this is another example of your wholehearted desire, to change the world for the better. Awareness is the key, so many people never see this coming.

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear that, and unfortunately you aren’t alone. I too have had reoccurring moments in my life where the idea has come to my mind. Thankfully I have never tried. God has always intervened when I’ve even come close. He either sends someone my way, or he makes himself known to me in a very obvious way. My daughter Amy attempted suicide two years ago. I have tried many times to write about her experience and the things she went through. I spent the majority of two years, not knowing if I would wake up to find her dead or alive. She was so unpredictable, and I didn’t know what to do for her. After a very long time, we found things that helped her. She is finally doing well, but she will always live with this. It was hard to watch her leave this December. And even though she is happily married now, I still worry. This is where faith plays a huge part, because I have to rely on God completely, to keep her safe.

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          1. And I read a verse last night that said he shares his power with us. Didn’t remember reading that one before. Sort of made me stop and think. 🙂

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