An Aspergian Suicide Turned Romance


Cold winds

blow over waters so deep

I try to reach for her soul

but she’s too deep

Betrayed and dismayed

at the life she was given

She tried to make her own

and found herself in prison

Trapped by boyfriend after boyfriend

who said they’d go to the ends with her

only to dump her

when they found she had Aspergers

Depression led to regression

and the cuts went deep

Hospital bills cut deep

into her father’s pockets

Lost at the mire his little princess was becoming

he turned to books, videos, and doctors

but was no less cunning

One day, while the family was away

she walked onto the balcony

It was windy that day

With one bare foot, she stepped onto the railing

and she closed her eyes

dreaming of flailing

But when she opened them

she was being held against her will

Thrashing and crying, she gave in

her soul had its fill

A sleeve cleaned her eyes

and a hand touching her face

closed the floodgates for good

I had been watching her

for three years, and after much thought

I did what I had known I should

She didn’t dress like the queen

I knew she was inside

and as far as books went

she wasn’t dumb or wise

She was who I’d been looking for

my Aspie girl

I had to search no more

she was my Aspie girl

I pressed my palms into hers

the sting of open flesh was too new

but so was this connection between us

that neither of us knew

but it felt right

it felt right

We could’ve spoken

but silence was golden

and in the strength of two

the tiniest spark is emboldened

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